Bahzad Sulaiman

︎Where are you now?

The poster is a response to a set of questions and reactions regarding data and information about the people who worked with them during the workshops that accompanied the project. Usually the artist is assigned to work on data and archives collected by cultural institutions. This data is always an incomplete source for several reasons.

Bahzad Sulaiman started working on a critical response about the concept of dealing with data in terms of names, identities, and people who worked with them. In his response, he raises a fundamental and deep question about the fate of the people who prepared these drawings and artworks. In addition, he indirectly criticises how to deal with these people and their results in a quantitative manner, giving them only numbers, and dealing with this product as well on this basis.


Bahzad Sulaiman (born 1991) is a Kurdish visual artist and performance maker. He has been living and working in Germany since 2016.

He is an interdisciplinary artist based on his diverse academic background in the field of art. Despite touching upon a wide range of subjects, his work mostly deals with the concept of body, space and improvisational forms of movement. With sound and sometimes without sound components, however, it is possible to use the body as an instrument in space, to create a dialogue between the body and the spectator, and to create a relationship between several elements. This includes the relationship between perception and the body as sculpture mass in this spatial context.

Having Installation and Performance as the focal points of his work over the past years and being inspired by his cultural roots, his topics of work are often defined by an integration of folk dances and traditional practices, prevalent in the Middle East and Central Asia, into the movement sequences. This gives him an opportunity to explore the perception and impressions created by his work on a Western audience.