Betül Aksu

︎ Immigration as art material

Note. Between 2015 and 2020, I was not allowed to work as a freelance artist in the UK. Note. Between 2021 and 2022, I was invited to work as an immigrant artist in the UK.


Betül Aksu (b. 1990, İzmir) is an artist and researcher with a background in media arts, cognitive science, and linguistics. Her work explores disciplinary, territorial and systemic boundaries through interactive installation, performance, text and printmaking. She uses language as art material, observes intercultural miscommunication and reflects on systemic reasons that reinforce boundaries.

She is currently participating in the Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme (2022), where she explores the ways in which eligibility criteria reproduce oppression through bureaucracy. She held residencies at the School of Commons at Zurich University of the Arts (2021-2022), British Council Altcity Istanbul (2017); awarded Creative Europe Liberty EU Art Commission (2020-2022), Queen Mary University of London Media and Arts Technology Doctoral Training Grant (2015-2019) and Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technologies Scholarship (2013-2015). Her works have been exhibited in Ankara, Berlin, Cork, Cornwall, Hamburg, İstanbul, London, Linz, Zurich and on the internet.