Didem Toy

︎Ends of Places

Ends of Places is a two-part installation located in both physical and digital environments. The work aims to show different points of a spectrum of perceptions about individuals who have been displaced. Ends of Places is based on various formats of placeholders to explore what holding places can mean from different perspectives.

The physical part of the project shows a composition made of a headshot, a photograph, and a poem, which appear as image and text placeholders.

The second part of the work, which can be seen in the digital exhibition, shows an abstracted flow of visual moments, based on a photo series shot by a group of young immigrants who live in Manchester. This part of the work aims to share personal and blended experiences, and with its two sides, Ends of Places moves between the duality of places where people can exist and perceive.


Didem Toy (1993, TR) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who works with traditional and digital media. In her artistic practice and research, she mainly focuses on different approaches about the concept of place, and its experience with aspects like perception, attachment, identity, and technology. She is currently a PhD student in the Communication Sciences program in İstanbul, and priorly she completed her master's degree in the Interface Cultures program in Linz, Austria.