Giulia Dongilli


Wyrd is a concept belonging to both Celtic and ancient Norse culture corresponding to Fate. More than personal destiny, Wyrd is a luminous network made of infinite threads that represents the intertwining of existence, where each thread is linked to the others and to the loom.

It refers to how past actions continually influence and condition the future and how all actions of all times affect each other.

Wyrd is something continually happening around us at all times: it is an interconnected series of events, actions and thoughts, each affecting the other. The movement of one thread also makes the others vibrate and changes the texture of the entire design. In myths, the act of weaving and sewing often symbolises transformation: a long process that, point by point, leads to redemption and resilience, mends the torn fabric of the soul and tells a universal story.

We are all threads in this fabric, as invisible conductors of light, sounds, emotions and memories. We are all weavers of life.


Giulia Dongilli studied Design & Art at the University of Bolzano, graduating in 2015. During this time she works on the city’s communal vegetable gardens, with a cross-cultural focus. This experience lead to the book Common Roots, a collaborative production published by Retia Verlag in 2017. The same year, she joins the project Lying In Between, inside the hotspot in Samos, leading workshops on visual art for refugees. In 2018 she graduates from the Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts and Photography of Fondazione Fotografia Modena. In 2020 she co-founded Ecumene Project organising initiatives which approach art as a shared experience and also uses it as a medium for inner exploration. She is interested in social and cultural issues, focusing her research on the human being. Her work aims at merging the past and the present through a metaphorical language, rich with references to literature, history and current events, researching archetypical images and mythology.