Rosella Galindo

︎(unfinished) Cartographies

The mind is like a map that constantly changes. (unfinished) Cartographies invites you to re-think the place where you live and explore the memories attached to it. How does your Portsmouth look like?

Through the eyes of young people from refugee and sanctuary seeking backgrounds, this map represents a Portsmouth that is new to them: a new home with newfound places ‘to be’. Each experience is a new trace in the paper. Each memory, a new pin in the map.

Join the Game: You can ︎download a blank canvas of this map and create your own (unfinished) cartography. First read the text. Take a few minutes to reminisce. Then write, draw, or scribble on your map everything that has made the place where you live special and unique.


Rosella Galindo is a Mexican artist based in London, UK. Her work focuses on opening new communication paths by engaging and empowering people through imagination, movement, and play.

Her practice combines participation, performance, and digital tools. She crafts experiences that invite people to delve into their inner world, exploring physical and social identities to reframe memories or imagine new ways of being. Her project HOME invites children to re-imagine their home and explore the memories attached to it.

In collaboration with the company Split Britches, Rosella designs experiences that combine participatory performance, socially engaged practice and interactive technology for social stroke support.

As a choreographer and producer, she has experimented with contemporary and street dance languages both for non-dancers and professional practitioners. As a dancer, she has performed around Mexico, Las Vegas (USA) and London (UK), working with DAP-Lab (dance and technology), [G1] [G2] Ensamble 21 (jazz dance), Beyond the Groove Company (street dance) and Colectivo Vortex (contemporary dance), performing around Mexico, Las Vegas (USA) and London (UK).

In addition to her artistic practice, Galindo is currently completing a Media & Arts Technology PhD Programme at Queen Mary University of London.