Sivan Rubinstein

︎’A world of its own’ reflection

A world of its own.

We are all people of the world
Children of Mother Earth
In our bodies we collect memories
Scars and dreams

Borders close in front of us
Leading us away 
From a version of ourselves , and the people who were our home
So we take our bodies onto a new adventure, facing the hardest question of
What is home ?

It’s not a passport, bricks or walls
It’s a feeling of being - it’s a safety
It is the people we are with
And it’s the nature around us

It is in our body
In the bodies of our mothers
The bodies that were given by our ancestors
To walk & dream.
To be & move freely
To create a new home for our children 

Our body has memories,
addictions, fragile spots and pain
As well as strength- Infinite like the ocean
The wrinkles of our body carry our journey.
It’s shape and habits are our family, their uniqueness and their story

Home is in our timeless body
The body of Mother earth


A poem with a visual composition depicting Sivan’s painted body pregnant as a planet earth. As a common Home.

Text by: Sivan Rubinstein
Photo by: Jurga Ramonaite
Makeup artist : Phoebe Walters
Model : Sivan Rubinstein
Access support worker: Lauryn Pinard


Sivan Rubinstein is a London-based choreographer whose art uncovers contemporary cultural issues which facilitate creative public conversations. Her work is deeply rooted in collaboration with academics, artists, communities and methods of alternative learning.

Sivan is a Work Place artist (2021-2026), Artist in Residence at King’s College London (2019-20) and a Co founder of OH Creative Space. Rubinstein was chosen as the UK artist for Pivot Dance commissioned by Creative Europe, selected by The Place for Exit Visa, right after she graduated from TrinityLaban first Class in 2013.

Her work has been presented at Bloomsbury Festival (Wellcome Collection, London), Being Human Festival (London), Sotheby’s, Sadler’s Wells, Migration Museum, The Place , JW3 (London), Turner Contemporary (Margate), Dance4 & The Attenborough Arts Centre (Midlands), European Dancehouse Network, B.Motion Festival, (Italy), The Dutch Dance Festival (Netherlands) and the 2019 YAP Residency Program in Beijing, China.

Sivan also shares her practice in academic conferences, teaches dance to different universities across the uk and creates new collaborations with multimedia, fashion artists and researchers.